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All scents include fragrance oils that are infused with essential oils. These diffusers are also VOC compliant (volatile organic compound). Each diffuser comes pre-filled with a plastic cap.

Experience a mobile oasis of aromatic bliss with the latest creation from BML Creations. We have meticulously captured the sublime fragrances you adore in our candles, now curated to grace your journeys on the road with a portable and stylish car freshener. This will last you approximately 3-5 weeks.

This elegant solution features a minimalist glass container, enhancing your car's ambiance with not just aromatic delight but also an artful visual touch. Experience lasting delight with carefully selected fragrance oils & essential oils, ensuring a rich and delightful ambiance. Our commitment to clean oils is paramount. We promise peace of mind, upheld by our oil distributor's stringent standards. These standards firmly exclude the use of carcinogens, mutagens, reproductive toxins, organ toxins, acute toxins, and substances highlighted in California's Prop 65 from their offerings.

Discover the simple yet joyous ritual of bringing the BML Creations experience into your car:

Gently Tilt: To initiate your aromatic journey, securely tighten the lid and then gently tilt the container for 2-3 seconds, allowing the oils to inflitrate the porous wood lid, before reverting it to its original position. This step ensures a persistent yet non-overwhelming release of the delightful aroma. We recommend replacing the cap used during shipping to prevent any accidental spills in your vehicle.
Hang or Place: Next, replace your wood lid, find a spot in your car where the freshener can release its aromatic whispers, enveloping your space in a subtle and luxurious fragrance.
Safe Usage: After using, ensure the lid is fully secured to avoid any unwanted spills. It's essential to handle the diffuser with care, protecting your car's interior from potential damages due to spills.
Safety Note: While designed for aromatic enjoyment, this product is not suitable for ingestion, application on the skin, or contact with eyes. Always keep it out of reach of children and pets. Handle with care to ensure a delightful yet safe aromatic journey, staying true to the standards set by BML Creations.

Step into a car that greets you with a rich, luxurious aromatic experience, a hallmark of the quality and purity synonymous with BML Creations. It is the perfect accessory for car enthusiasts who wish to elevate their daily drives into moments of serenity and joy.

For fragrance use only. This product may cause an allergic reaction if in contact with the skin and is not intended for contact with your skin. Immediately wash skin if contact occurs. If rash or skin irritation occurs seek medical attention. Harmful to aquatic life. Keep product out of reach of children. Do not ingest this product.

Premium Car Freshener - Fragrance + Essential Oil Infused

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